Why Choose AEM

"Experience, Integrity and Quality Do Matter"

Experienced Architects - The AEM team of Architects has been working together for years to provide value added services to our clients.  We have designed and renovated numerous Religious, Commercial, Health Care, Institutional and Educational facilities in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Collaboration - We work closely with our clients to determine their needs and to design spaces and buildings that reflect those needs.   We are constantly working with our clients, planning commissions, regulatory departments, engineers, consultants and staff to give our clients the highest level of service. 

Renovations - We have completed many renovation projects and we understand that an occupied building needs to be renovated sensitively to cause the least amount of disruption.  We work closely with our client's to determine the best phasing plan to minimalize the disruptive impact of a renovation project.

Integrity - Occasionally a building or project will have issues that must be addressed.  Whether it is a budget concern or construction issues, we address those issues with the client, contractor etc. While it may not be the popular thing to do, we do not let issues remain unresolved.

Quality - Our documentation is extremely thorough and consistent. We work to strive to produce construction documents that clearly delineate the scope of work required to meet our client's needs. We stand behind our documentation and are proud of it's quality.


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