AEM Clients - Cocalico School District

Since 1990..

Classroom Addition to Denver Elementary
Gymnasium Addition to the High School
District Wide Entrance Security Upgrades
Denver Elementary Roof Replacement
Denver Elementary Auditorium/Lighting Replacement
New Pressbox
High School Roof Replacement
Middle School Auditorium Lighting
HVAC Renovation at Adamstown Elementary
New Playground Equipment at Adamstown Elementary
Auditorium HVAC Renovation at Denver Elementary
HVAC Renovation at Reamstown Elementary
HVAC Renovation at Schoeneck Elementary
High School Locker Replacement
Concession Stand Addition
Adamstown Elementary Parking Lot Extension
HVAC Renovations at Denver Elementary
High School Additions & Renovations
High School Electric Switchgear Replacement
High School Metal Siding Repairs
Middle School Tennis Court Renovations
Middle School Boiler Replacement
New Parking Area at the Middle School
Additions & Renovations to Reamstown Elementary
Bus Maintenance Building
Athletic Complex Master Plan
Subsurface Site Evaluation at the Athletic Fields
Resurface Tennis Courts
Industrial Arts Renovations at the High School
District Wide Feasibility Studies (multiple)
High School Additions & Renovations



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