AEM Clients - The Reading Hospital and Medical Center

Since 1990...

Additions & Renovations to the West Reading DOB
West Reading DOB Parking Garage
Pedestrian Access Bridge
New Exeter DOB
Exeter DOB Suite Renovations (multiple)
West Reading DOB Suite Renovations (multiple)
Exeter Imaging Center Parking Study
Evacuation Plans
Tenant Fit-Out at Spring Commons
Evacuation Plans (multiple)
West Lawn/Sinking Spring Blood Station
ADA Studies at the Morgantown and Fleetwood Facilities
West Reading DOB HVAC Upgrade
Roof Replacements (multiple)
Rockland Plaza - TRHMC Suite
E-2 Rehabilitation Unit Renovations
E Building Renovations
Breast Biopsy Procedure Room Renovations
R/F Equipment in Multipurpose Room
B3 Renovations
A4 Renovations
Education Room in L Building
A3 Renovations at Medical Records
U Building Renovations
Credit Union Renovations at G Building
Snack Bar Renovations
Sign Replacement and Upgrades (multiple)
Sports Medicine Facility
C Building X-Ray Filing Renovations
Elevator Addition to C Garage
E-2 South/Physician Billing Services Renovations
R-1 Auxiliary Gift Shop Renovations
E-2 North and South Renovations
E Building HVAC System Replacement
Feasibility Studies (multiple)
Physical Plant Study Sterling Medical Office Facility
New Linear Accelerator Radiation Therapy C Building Renovations
D-3 Surgicenter Renovations
Spring Commons Family Practice Suite
Evaluation of Amanda Stoudt School
E-1 South Renovations for Medical Library
Wyomissing Imaging Center Renovations
E Building 5th Floor Renovations
Child Development Center / Play Area Railings
E-4 Sub-Acute Care Renovations
Surgicenter Drive Renovations
C-1 Patient Accounts / Workstation Layout
Laundry Lint Collector Exhaust Replacement
Handicap Parking Accommodations
Life Safety Code Compliance (multiple)
E Building Ceiling Replacement
E-2 South & E-3 South Renovations
Psychiatric Hospital
C-3 O.R. Renovations
R Building Parking Garage
E-2 South Family Health Care Center Renovations
Cystoscopy Relocation
Engineering Relocation
C Tunnel Pharmacy Renovation
Surgicenter Waiting/Clerical Expansion
E-5 North G.I. Lab Relocation
E-5 North Ambulatory Admission Renovations
D-2 Laboratory Renovations
C-2 Laboratory Renovations
D-1 Fiscal Affairs Renovations
Administration Expansion / Relocation
E-3 Pediatric Renovations
BHS Office Renovations
A-4 Renovations
C-2 Blood Lab Renovations
R Tunnel Renovations for Radiograph Room #3
A Building Second Floor Rehabilitation Unit
C-3 East/West Research / Automatic Doors
M Building Research / Smoke Detectors


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